Well Being Check Program in Roscommon County


On November 5, 2015, the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office implemented a new program to help further address the needs of certain citizens of the county. The new “well-being check program” is designed for anyone who is lacking a local support system, such as friends or relatives, to check their well-being. Citizen’s or their family members can contact the Sheriff’s Office to make arrangements for a deputy to stop on a regular basis and check the status and well-being of those who are alone. Many residents are elderly, disabled, or have special needs and lack a good support system to monitor their status. Deputies will be able to not only talk with those who are signed up for this service, but will also assist when able and if additional needs are identified will attempt to refer them to other services that can help meet their needs.

For example, if an elderly homebound couple lives in this county, but all of their children have moved out of the area; the couple could sign up for this service or their children could also request that deputies check on them periodically.